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PDF Express ID: ICRERA2012xp

PDF Express Site: http://www.pdf-express.org/plus/

Final manuscript is limited with 6 pages. Additional pages are not allowed.

Selected papers will be published in IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Applications, and International Journal of Renewable Energy Research


Please accept our congratulations on acceptance of your paper for the ICRERA 2012 conference. These instructions detail all the required steps in preparation and submission of the final version of the accepted papers. Please ensure that you follow them since papers that do not conform to the instructions will not be included in the conference proceedings.

  1. Observe the deadlines for registration and registration fee payment, as well as for the final paper submission, given on the conference web-site (http://www.icrera.org/index.php?id=dead).
  2. Download from the ‘Manuscript Format’ area of the web-site the full paper template (http://www.icrera.org/index.php?id=format). There a Word and a LaTEX format can be found.
  3. Download the PDF IEEECopyrightForm.pdf from http://www.ieee.org/documents/ieeecopyrightform.pdf . Fill in the form (paper title and list of authors have to be written in; type in the date as well; the conference name is already in the form), print it (you cannot save the data) and sign the form. Scan the form. Copyright form must be submitted together and at the same time with the full paper, in either JPG or PDF format, through the online submission system.
  4. Only PDF is accepted for final paper submission. The PDF of the paper MUST be created using IEEE’s service PDF eXpress, to ensure its compliance with IEEE requirements for PDF files. To convert the source file into PDF using IEEE PDF eXpress, do the following:
    • Access IEEE PDF eXpress at the following link: http://www.pdf-express.org/plus
    • Register as a user for this free service using the link ‘New Users – Click Here’. ‘Conference ID’ is: icrera2012xp – use your e-mail address at which you want the PDF delivered.
    • Follow the instructions on the web-page and submit source file for conversion into PDF. You will receive the PDF by e-mail and you can also download it directly from the web-site upon conversion.
    • Check the PDF and ensure that there are no runaway figures, equations, and similar.
  5. You have now your paper and the copyright form ready for submission through the online system. However, before proceeding further, you must also do the following:
    • The paper can only be submitted once when its number has been registered against a registration fee payment. Rules regarding the correlation between registration and papers are given in the document ‘Paper Publication Policy’ in the Author’s area of the web-site.
    • Please note that, if you are registering as a student, you must provide at the time of registration proof of your student status. This will take the form of a JPG or PDF file, containing written and signed statement of your Head of Department, stamped with the official institutional stamp. No other proof of student status can be accepted.
  6. Enter the online submission system and submit all required material!
  7. If your paper is scheduled for a Lecture session (the preliminary program of the conference will be available in early May 2012), you will have at a later date also to submit the following:
    • A short biography (100 words maximum), which will be used by the Session Chairs to introduce you to the audience.
    • Prepare a PPT file, containing slides for your presentation and submit it to the organizers, together with the biography. The papers are allocated a slot of 15 minutes in Lecture sessions. Your presentation should be restricted to 15 minutes maximum, so that there is time left for discussion.
    • For papers scheduled for Dialogue sessions, size of the booths will be provided at a later date.

Final Submission format for LaTeX

Final Submission format for MS Word